Meet the 2022 Boards and Commissions Fellowship Cohort


Winnie Christensen

Winnie Christensen Born in Kenya now living in Twin Falls, is the founder and director of the Culture for Change Foundation, a non profit organization that works with women, girls and local youth by empowering, guiding and helping them create positive change in  aspired spaces in the community through  culture, social and financial education. Winnie is  a cultural storyteller/attaché, speaker, a board member of the Magic Valley Arts Council,assisted in co-created the City of Twin Falls first Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the former director of Miss Africa Idaho for 6 years, a proud rotarian,  a wife and a mother to three boys.


Winnie applied for the fellowship program listing a few of many in the hopes of becoming a better leader, mentor, and learning more on how to help the community. Representation matters if something positive, useful and accomplished is done with it. 


Her goal is to bridge the gap in our community and show people we are not that different,and we should recognize and celebrate those differences.  She is a graduate of ISU. Her personal mantra is: Your life matters, make it count. Live to inspire and support those around you and be mindful of how you make people feel because life is a chain reaction. ⁣