Meet the 2022 Boards and Commissions Fellowship Cohort


Karla Harmon

Karla Harmon is an enthusiastic, high energy, caring business professional.   She loves encouraging and helping people, in both work and life, to be the best they can be.  Her motto is people come first – the rest falls into place because of the people.  Her role in Micron’s Business Operations department enables her to work cross functionally with all sorts of different people, while driving changes through data and process improvements. She loves to collaborate in team settings and make things better than when she started.  She will be celebrating her 27th year anniversary with Micron in May of 2022.  Karla holds the Chair position in the Employee Resource Group (ERG), Micron Women in Leadership Network for the Culture team, along with Leading the Community Engagement and Networking Team for Tenured and Experienced at Micron ERG. 

Karla was born and raised in Boise, Idaho.  She moved to Long Beach, California in the mid 80’s for a few years to get out of “small town” Boise.  That experience opened up her vision and mindset so much and enable her to  grow both personally and professionally.  She came back to Boise, where she has lived and worked and raised her two boys.  She cherishes spending her free time with her grandkids whenever possible! Winter brings snow, so she can be found up by Idaho City, snowshoeing with her husband.   Summer is spent going to any large body of water to play and soak up sun.  She supports the Boise Rescue Mission and volunteers at the Idaho Foodbank.

Karla applied for the fellowship to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to make a difference in Idaho.  She is excited for the opportunity to learn about the multiple boards and commissions that are needing more diverse representation.  As a woman from Idaho, she is wanting to represent woman and have a voice at the table.  She is excited to start down the new path of serving through this amazing opportunity and create a new diverse perspective for whatever board she is destined to serve.