Meet the 2022 Boards and Commissions Fellowship Cohort


CeCe Osborn

Cece Osborn grew up splitting her time between the metropolis that is Los Angeles, CA and a small-scale cattle ranch in the rural foothills of the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. She is dedicated to acting as a bridge across cultures– respectfully communicating life stories, values, and priorities to create effective solutions to shared problems. Nowadays, Cece lives and works as a transportation professional in Blaine County, Idaho. She is involved in the ongoing effort to create a safe and integrated, multimodal transportation network between the rural and urban communities in the region. Understanding public transportation as one of many mechanisms by which society may foster healthier communities, Cece’s passions revolve around climate preparedness, resilience, and sustainability. With a background in education/teaching, environmental studies, and nonprofit development, Cece relishes in the intersectional work that takes place both on micro, interpersonal and macro, systemic levels. Through the fellowship, Cece aims to deepen her understanding of government processes and increase her comfortability navigating them. She is eager to connect with her peers across the state, experience solidarity, and improve her ability to lead as a queer woman.