2024 Mentor: Margaret Szeles

Margaret Szeles is a J.D. candidate at the University of Washington School of law and currently resides in Seattle, Washington. Born and raised in Idaho, Margaret’s interest in environmental policy is a reflection of her childhood spent exploring the public lands and fishing in Idaho’s waterways. Before law school, Margaret earned her B.A. in Environmental Studies and B.S. in Political Science from Boise State University in 2022. In between education, she worked as a long-range transportation planner where she explored the intersection of urban development, multimodal transportation, and environmental justice. As a law student, Margaret is eager to explore a career in civil litigation. She currently sits on the UW Law Dean’s Student Advisory Board and credits her completion of CVI’s Boards and Commissions Fellowship Program in 2023 as a kickstart to expanding her civic engagement interests. 

Margaret enjoys running, music, and figure model sketching.