2024 Fellow: Teh Lai

Teh Lai enjoys the world as his playground, being a scholar who journeyed from Taiwan to the US.  Under the sparkling Louisiana sky, he learned innovation and leadership with MS degrees in Industrial Engineering (IE) & Engineering and Technology Management (ETM).  In the scorching Arizona desert, he explored the mysteries of energy with a BS & a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE).

Giving back to the community and promoting cultural diversity enrich Teh’s life; he contributed to Saguaro National Park’s partial transition to renewable energy with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and served in the Taiwanese military as an Administrative Cadre with honor and dedication.  Now, being a fresh employee at Micron, he aspires to join the CVI fellowship program, listen to diverse and marginalized voices, and engage with local heritage and social issues.

Music fills Teh’s soul, whether he accompanies on the piano or belts out karaoke tunes.  His mind longs to stay curious and empathetic, fascinated by people’s stories, intricate movies, and historical events that unveil sacrifice, magnificence, and salvation.  For fun, he appreciates puzzles, small DIY projects, and Gunpla models that demand patience and perseverance, and MMORPG games that foster collaboration over assertion.