2024 Fellow: Sydney Osborne

A strategic powerhouse, Sydney Osborne has proven to be influential in her community and a catalyst for positive change in the Beauty & Wellness industry. As the General Manager at Graeber & Company Salon, Sydney oversees all day-to-day business operations and leads a large team. Sydney is an Advisory Board Member for Paul Mitchell the School Boise and has been featured in press conferences with Idaho’s LT. Governor and the Federal Board of Education to fight Salon and Spa Industry deregulation. 

Sydney’s second calling is as an advocate for disability awareness and inclusion. At 18, she became an adoptive parent to a medically fragile child; she quickly became a well-known advocate for children with special needs. She is passionate about creating community through empathy and uses her knowledge and experience to connect families to the resources they need. Sydney is a versatile leader dedicated to inspiring shared vision through empowering people and fostering belonging in diverse groups. Sydney is committed to lifelong learning, personal development, and the belief that every human is capable with the right support and environment.