2024 Fellow: Sasha Rojas Zaragoza

Sasha Rojas Zaragoza has fond memories from early childhood living in Boise and spent her teen & early adult years growing up on Maui. She moved back to Idaho to raise her family and continue exploring her career. Her background consists of hospitality, business administration, and being a Montessori Educator. She is currently a Digital Literacy Coordinator for AmeriCorps & Lead for America. Her local sponsoring host site is the University of Idaho, with her office at the International Rescue Committee. 

As a Garden City resident, Sasha has been fascinated at the growth and development in her small city. Excited at the ease for community members to access discussions & design plans through City Council meetings, her interest grew. Wanting to learn how processes and decisions were implemented brought her to applying for CVI’s Boards & Commissions Fellowship. 

Through this fellowship, Sasha looks forward to practicing confident leadership, facilitation, and deepening her knowledge to navigate boards, committees, and advisory panels. Sasha enjoys collaboration and problem-solving as a “people person,” so with her extensive experience in the hospitality industry, learning more about civic engagement is a great pairing! She is also involved in training for her developing interest in grant writing and reviewing. 

Volunteering is a longtime hobby and she has had the privilege of balancing her time between her children’s schools, helping refugees, and even an acupuncture co-op! Sasha’s current balancing act consists of her memberships on the Anser Charter School Board, Anser’s Family Council, and Garden City Visitors Bureau with a sprinkling of supporting committees. Sasha co-leads an after-school Spanish Language and Culture program called Gansitos for grades K-8 with a former CVI fellow, America Yorita-Carrion. Sasha enjoys traveling, learning about history and other cultures, and is a huge DIY’er!!

Favorite quote: “The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library,” – Albert Einstein