2024 Fellow: Indra Amaro Gómez

Indra Amaro Gómez is a US born indigenous Mexican Latina, who uses her linguistic skills and cultural perspective to inform and inspire her work, life, and activism. Growing up in Meridian, Idaho, she experienced instances of systemic marginalization and inequality. Witnessing the power that policy can have in changing these systems, Indra was inspired to intentionally dedicate her professional and personal life to the promotion of inclusivity, equity, and representation of all traditionally marginalized communities. She has a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Latin American Studies and Political Science, a Master’s Degree in Public Health, and she consistently partners with community agencies to explore, understand, and evaluate programs that serve children and families.

She looks forward to her participation in the Boards and Commissions Fellowship Program as it offers an exceptional opportunity for her to not only acquire the necessary skills to further support her in promoting inclusivity, but to also be part of a community that is passionate about change and equitable representation. Recognizing that one never goes far alone, Indra está agradecida a sus ancestros, organizaciones como Conservation Voters of Idaho, y a gente como Railin Flores and Toni Belknap-Brinegar por crear oportunidades como ésta. Indra looks forward to learning throughout this fellowship in order to pay it forward in service of others.

Other interests that Indra enjoys are making and eating delicious foods, traveling, and constantly learning from her niece and nephew.