2024 Fellow: Esperanza Poblano

Esperanza Poblano is a first-gen Latina born in California and raised in Nampa, Idaho where she currently resides. As a training manager, Esperanza embraces her role at a nonprofit with a passion for community advocacy. Passionate about representation and diversity, Esperanza applied for the Boards and Commissions Fellowship Program driven by the belief that inclusivity and varied perspectives are essential in governance. Esperanza aims to shatter barriers and pave the way for underrepresented voices in boardrooms.

Her aspirations within the Boards and Commissions Fellowship Program are twofold: to learn the intricate dynamics of boards and commissions while honing her skills to authentically represent the Latinx community’s interests. She seeks to grasp the nuances of board functions, understanding the diverse roles therein to better advocate for her community’s needs.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Esperanza enjoys spending quality time with her family. She revels in the simple joys of hiking amidst Idaho’s breathtaking landscapes and enjoying its stunning sunsets. Esperanza takes joy in volunteering and has a special interest in politics, advocacy, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work. Whenever possible she loves to watch documentaries in which she finds inspiration and knowledge which fuel her drive for positive societal change.