2024 Fellow: Arya Walker

Arya Walker, using he/him pronouns, is an autistic trans man with roots in Laveen, Arizona. Having explored 48 out of 50 states and 16 countries, Arya brings a wealth of diverse experiences. For the past 6 years, he has shared his life with a wonderful fiancé Solano and his loyal service dog, Moshi, a German Shepherd Husky.

Arya’s professional journey has been marked by advocacy for queer rights and collaboration with the LatinX community on citizenship programs, GOTV strategies, and promoting diversity in politics. While on the verge of graduating with a bachelor’s in child psychology and development, he currently applies his skills in the field of medical records. Arya dedicated significant effort to establish inclusive programs in Idaho, contributing to marginalized communities. This includes organizing a resource fair that supports transgender individuals by distributing over 1000 binders and Trans Affirming Care products, as well as providing trans affirming care and HIV testing. Furthermore, Arya actively champions queer rights through various channels such as television broadcasts, petitions, testimony, protests, and fundraising initiatives. 

Passionate about youth, psychology, LGBTQIA rights, and fostering safe spaces, Arya also finds joy in Dungeons and Dragons, gardening, reading, video games, and participating in local theater, art, and drag. Having relocated to Twin Falls Idaho, four years ago, Arya is eager to contribute to the state’s growth, envisioning an Idaho that is inclusive, sustainable, and thriving. His participation in CVI’s Program reflects a desire to expand his knowledge and leadership skills, ultimately contributing to Idaho’s journey towards acceptance and well-being.