Boards & Commissions: December in Review

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On the Docket: 2023 Fellowship Cohort 

What a great group of people who have applied to be in the third cohort for CVIEF’s Boards and Commissions Fellowship! Here is a peek at who you will get to know over the next six months: 

Originally from Mexico, America Yorita-Carrion immigrated to Washington State as a child where she was raised in a migrant farmworker household in the Yakima Valley. Her life experiences as an undocumented human led her to public service within the nonprofit sector and in the Higher Education field. America believes in the power of living a life that “pays it forward” in ways that honor her own pursuit of joy and also make valuable contributions to the community. 

Ian Bott is a developmental disability mental health environmental and LGBT advocate from Boise Idaho who is a Boise state graduate currently seeking peer support specialist training for that career. Ian has also been on the DD council for almost nine years as an advocate. They are interested in furthering the aspect of community development and learning about city boards to run for office someday.

Suzanne Makita grew up in a small, rural town in Northern California. Between her years growing up in California and her retirement in Boise, she had careers with a range of institutions. Suzanne applied to the Board and Commissions Fellowship program to further her contribution to her community by learning new skills to address issues that concern the under-represented and bring those voices to the table. She has a passion for the outdoor environment and spends her time skiing, biking, hiking, camping and traveling nationally and internationally.

As I get to know the fellows, it’s been my pleasure to spend one-one-one time with them. During our conversations, I ask them two questions: 

  1. What are you most looking forward to learn in the fellowship?  
  2. What are you most nervous about?

Here are a few of their answers: 

“I want to learn about Parliamentary procedure and the ways in which I can speak and have my voice heard.” 

“I want to learn more about what boards do, what their structures are and how we can better help every voice be heard.” 

“I’m nervous about not being enough.” 

“I’m a slow-to-warm-up person and it takes me a while to speak-up.” 

New Business: Mentor Recruitment

We have a fabulous group of Mentors that will play a critical role in the 2023 cohort’s leadership development. To date, we have a great crop of new mentors, returning mentors and mentors from previous classes:  

  • 5 Mentors who are 2021 Boards and Commissions graduates 
  • 7  Mentors who are 2022 Boards and Commissions graduates
  • 9 Mentors who are returning for their second or third year 

We are extremely grateful for all of the Mentors who go out of their way to help groom these leaders. Your wisdom and talents are much appreciated! 

The 2023 cohort Fellow and Mentor web pages are now live!! You can find the 2023 bios and headshots on our website.  

Old Business: Thank you! 

As we head towards the new year, we want to thank each and every one of you for your contributions to CVI and CVIEF. Whether you have donated money, volunteered your time, attended in-person or on-line events or simply subscribed to any of our newsletters, we want to thank you. It takes all of us to create an Idaho that we all can be proud of.