Headshot of Mark Rupp

Mark Rupp | CVIEF Vice Chair

I’ve been a passionate outdoorsman since I first saw a Sockeye Salmon in Boundary Creek as a young child.  This fish was larger than I and had swum hundreds of miles to spawn and then die in that creek, completing its life cycle.  To this day I enjoy fly fishing for Steelhead, hunting with my dogs, skiing with friends and family, and in general most things outside of the office. In my professional career I spend most of my days helping people with their financial futures as a Certified Financial Planner™ professional. I have a business background having grown up and worked in a small Idaho based business. My career allows me to meet hundreds of people each year giving me a great opportunity to see different sides of many issues.  My desire is to support this organization’s growth and effectiveness so we can continue to educate the public that the environment shouldn’t be a political issue. After all,  we all drink the same water, breath the same air, and enjoy the same public lands.