August Civic Engagement & Advocacy Update

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Written by Patty Bowen, CVI’s Campaigns Manager. To receive this monthly update in your inbox, visit

Endorsement Updates

In contrast to the election for our representation in the statehouse, the municipal election provides a vital opportunity for Idahoans to select the leaders that will make decisions on behalf of their individual communities. In order to make significant and meaningful investments in the 2023 municipal races across Idaho, CVI opened up applications for our endorsements earlier than ever before.

In June, CVI announced our endorsement of Boise Mayor Lauren McLean, emphasizing her incredible work on initiatives to protect the community’s clean air and water, healthy communities, and shape a liveable city for all. This month, we are pleased to announce two additional early endorsements:

Boise City Council President Jimmy Hallyburton: Since being elected in 2019, Hallyburton led the efforts to construct and form the Pathways Master Plan, 112 miles of off-street walking and biking paths that connect the city of Boise. He was also instrumental in helping pass the Modern Zoning Code. In addition, Hallyburton has worked to make trails and playgrounds more accessible so everyone in Boise can enjoy outdoor spaces with safely and conveniently.

Meridian City Council Member Liz Strader: In 2020, Strader utilized her background in finance and business to write a Clean Energy Resolution that established a commitment to fiscally responsible environmental stewardship. After its passage, that resolution has led to impactful local solutions, such as a cost-saving conversion to LED street lights, a biosolids drying facility to reduce trips to the landfill, and the capture of biogas at the wastewater treatment plant to repurpose it as fuel in the city of Meridian. These are solutions that protect Meridian’s clean air and water while saving taxpayer dollars.

More information about both Strader and Hallyburton can be found in the press release CVI released earlier today. 

CVI will continue accepting applications for endorsement until September 8. Our full list of endorsed candidates will be announced in mid-September, followed by our Municipal Voter Guide in October, which will include information about each candidate CVI endorsed and their opponents. 

Candidates interested in applying for early endorsement can find more information here

Changes to Voter Registration Laws

Earlier this month, a new law went into effect that changes the requirements for voter registration. In Idaho, individuals who are going through the process of registering to vote must show a valid Driver’s License with their current address, or another valid ID and proof of residency. (A student ID no longer qualifies as a valid form of identification without the addition of proof of residency).

Previously, residents could be registered to vote in some cases without proof of residency. 

According to the Idaho Secretary of State’s Office, this bill was created to streamline the requirements for registering to vote, but several advocates have argued this law will make it harder to register disadvantaged Idahoans. There are also concerns that voters will show up to the polls without proof of residency, thinking they are fully registered to vote when they are not. 

The Idaho Secretary of State’s Office has responded to these concerns by confirming they will reach out to voters who aren’t fully registered to vote before the election. Idahoans without valid drivers’ licenses can also request a free ID card through the DMV to use for voting (you will need to bring proof of citizenship in order to receive it.)

Idahoans can check their registration status online here to make sure they’re fully registered to vote before Election Day. The Secretary of State has also streamlined the approved forms of identification people can use at the polls. More information about these changes and the list of acceptable IDs can be found here. 

Farewell to Marina! 

CVI’s voter outreach team is vital to our work engaging with Idaho voters. Last week we said goodbye to one of these part-time advocates, who knocked thousands of doors during the 2022 general election and has been dedicated to help CVI deepen our relationships in Idaho communities. 

Marina Lundy joined CVI last fall and immediately jumped into our efforts to elect conversation champions during the 2022 general election. Marina stayed on the team after Election Day and after completing CVI’s Legislative Fellowship, continued finding ways to improve our tabling, events and outreach efforts! She had this to say about the experience: 

“Working on the Voter Outreach team at Conservation Voters for Idaho was an incredibly positive and rewarding experience… Through engaging with voters, I had the chance to listen to people’s concerns, provide education on conservation issues, and encourage voter turnout. These experiences furthered my motivation and granted me a wealth of community connections. Being a part of the Voter Outreach team allowed me to witness the power of collective action…This work reaffirmed my belief in the power of grassroots advocacy and solidified my commitment to protecting our natural resources for future generations.”

Marina will continue advocacy work as a Field Organizer for several local campaigns in Boise. She’ll be missed by the CVI team, but her impact in Boise will continue in this new role! 

Learn more about the other members of our incredible Voter Outreach Members at our website and apply to be a member of the voter outreach team here.