April Clean Energy Update

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As Earth Day approaches, there are several opportunities for us to take action in support of clean energy initiatives, all of which will have lasting impacts on our air quality, power efficiency, and transportation infrastructure

Air Quality Petition 

2022 is the third driest start to the year in Idaho recorded history. Idahoans are rightfully concerned that dry weather will mean another summer of dangerously high levels of air pollution. These concerns — paired with the Idaho Legislature voting to end local vehicle emissions testing programs next year — have made it clear that we need to find new ways to improve our air quality. 

CVI is working with local stakeholders to change the way we build our transportation infrastructure, transition to clean energy resources, and encourage a multimodal system where residents can safely walk, bike, drive and take public transit. 

If you’d like to see more action to improve our air quality and protect us from air pollution, please sign CVI’s petition here. 

Voice Your Priorities for the Boise Budget

The City of Boise is looking for feedback from residents on how it should spend its $661 million budget. This year, in anticipation of the annual budget hearings in June, Boise Mayor Lauren McLean has started the community feedback process early to give staff more time to incorporate residents’ feedback and priorities into next year’s budget. 

We are encouraging Boise residents to voice their support for funding to intersecting initiatives that prioritize the city’s climate action programs and bike and pedestrian infrastructure — including the Pathways Master Plan — as well as support for more density and mixed-use housing, which will result in lower carbon emissions and more affordable housing options. 

If you live in Boise, you can learn more about the budgeting process here and provide feedback here. 

Support Clean Energy for Everyone

Idaho Power’s recently proposed clean energy subscription program, “Clean Energy Your Way,” would allow customers to receive a portion of their electricity from newly built renewable energy resources — resulting in the construction of more clean energy on the grid.  

In order to approve the program, Idaho Power needs to know there is enough interest from their customers. While CVI is excited for more clean energy, we’d like all residents to be able to participate in the program. Learn more about the program and how to submit comments on our recent blog post

Lower Your Energy Costs By Planting a Shade Tree

Planting a shade tree can save homeowners around 20% on their summer energy bills. With Arbor Day only 16 days away, all Idahoans are encouraged to participate in the national push to increase our shade tree canopy and naturally cool their home in the summer and improve air and water quality. 

Idaho Power has a first-come, first-serve Shade Tree Project for residential customers. Residents in other utility areas can request their utility participate in the national program through the Community Canopy website. You can also get an estimate of how much money you can save by planting a tree by using the MyTree free calculation tool.