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Help us Pass State-Issued Voter Guides in the House!

S1273 is up for consideration in the House, a bill that would enable the Secretary of State to create a neutral informative voter guide for all voters before each election. Help us show support for empowering and informing Idaho voters.

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Protect Idahoans' Health, Not Pesticide Manufacturer Profits

For the third time in the 2024 session, Idaho legislators are advancing a bill that would provide additional legal immunity to multinational pesticide companies, putting their profits over the health of Idahoans who may be exposed to chemicals with long-term health impacts. Help us oppose S1432 on behalf of Idahoans' health!

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Stop Lawmakers from Overturning Local Election Results

The House Ways & Means committee is attempting to rush legislation to remove several ACHD commissioners from the offices they were elected to by Ada County voters. This bill also injects partisan politics into ACHD, when the only priority should be road safety and management. Help us ensure the Legislature hears public input by holding a full public hearing.

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