A Letter From Our Executive Director

Nighttime aerial photograph of Capitol Building in D.C.

Conservation Voters for Idaho’s response to the violent events at the U.S. Capitol Building

Jan. 8, 2021

Dear fellow conservation voter,

Like you, I woke up again today with a heavy heart over the horrific events that took place in our nation’s Capital this week. The board and staff at Conservation Voters for Idaho are deeply disturbed over the violent assault that took place – an assault on our democracy and the American values that we all hold dear. Those who perpetrated violence and insurrection – and those elected officials who fanned the flames – must be held accountable.

This week, all of us were reminded just how fragile our democracy is, and to what ends these agitators will go in order to hijack our most sacred democratic institutions and silence the majority. This is what treason looks like: an angry mob of armed vigilantes inside of our Capitol, threatening our government, including the very leaders complicit in this attack. 

We join the nation in being particularly disturbed over the clear double standard where we witnessed the rather mild treatment of the mob storming the Capitol in order to interrupt democracy as opposed to the overt militaristic response to Black and Brown folks demonstrating for their civil rights this past summer.  

From all of us at Conservation Voters for Idaho, I want to convey our strengthened commitment to our work especially in light of this week’s awful events. As we look ahead to the upcoming 2021 Legislature, which convenes this upcoming Monday, we remain devoted to keeping our elected officials accountable, safeguarding our democracy, creating a just and equitable future for all and protecting all Idahoans’ access to the legislative process, especially during the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

Here at Conservation Voters for Idaho, we create the political environment to protect the natural environment. We not only elect political candidates to office who will work to protect our beloved clean air and water, open space and public lands, but we are also on the frontlines of defending all Idahoans’ right to participate in our democratic process.

Wednesday was a day we will always remember, a day when our democracy was pushed to a near breaking point. I hope history will look back at what we do in the days and weeks ahead as meaningful actions to heal our deeply divided country. 

Please stay safe.

Rialin Flores 

Executive Director

Conservation Voters for Idaho