2023 Municipal Election Wins

 In the 2023 municipal election, 14 of our endorsed candidates were elected to local offices statewide. Voters throughout Idaho have overwhelmingly shown their support for these candidates, who demonstrate their value of clean air and water, our parks and trails, and farmland and open space. We look forward to collaborating with these conservation leaders to protect and enhance Idaho’s unique natural environment.

2023 Municipal Election Wins

From the Executive Director

CVI selected 18 candidates stateweide for our endorsement that demonstrated commitment to conservation principles. 14 of our candidates were victorious at the polls in 10 communities across Idaho, including all 6 of our endorsements in priority races in Ada County. Let’s take a look into some of the most impactful elections we participated in this year…

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McLean, Boise WIN

Mayor Lauren McLean

Boise Mayor | Visit Website


Nash, Boise WIN

Council Member Colin Nash

Boise City Council District 2 | Visit Website

Morales, Boise WIN

Council Member Jordan Morales

Boise City Council District 4 | Visit Website

Stead, Boise WIN

Council Member Meredith Stead

Boise City Council District 5 | Visit Website

Hallyburton, Boise WIN

Council Member Jimmy Hallyburton

Boise City Council District 6 | Visit Website


Garden City

Strader, Meridian WIN

Council Member Liz Strader

Meridian City Council District 2 | Visit Website

Rasmussen Garden City WIN

Council Member Kent Rasmussen

Garden City City Council | Visit Website



Johnson, Bellevue WIN

Mayor Chris Johnson

Bellevue Mayor

Stone, Hailey WIN

Council Member Dustin Stone

Hailey City Council


Hutchinson, Ketchum WIN

Council Member Tripp Hutchinson

Ketchum City Council

Sun Valley

Conard, Sun Valley WIN

Council Member Jane Conard

Sun Valley City Council


Paulsen, Pocatello WIN

Council Member Hayden Paulsen

Pocatello City Council | Visit Website

Idaho Falls

Radford, Idaho Falls WIN

Council Member John Radford

Idaho Falls City Council


Blankenship, Moscow WIN

Council Member Bryce Blankenship

Moscow City Council | Visit Website