This spring, Idahoans casted their votes in record numbers to decide their party’s candidate for the upcoming November election. 

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the May 19 primary election was conducted 100% by mail-in ballot. Despite these sweeping changes to the election, a record number of Idahoans casted their ballot in an election that usually sees 20% participation rates. 

Seven of the races we invested in were successful. These candidates, who we believe will make positive change in the Statehouse, were elected by voters to represent their party in the upcoming November 2020 General Election. 

  • Matthew Bundy, District 23 House
  • Marco Erickson, District 33 House
  • Chris Mathias, District 19 House
  • Colin Nash, District 16 House
  • Ali Rabe, District 17 Senate
  • Peter Riggs, District 3 Senate
  • Kevin Cook, District 30 Senate

Each year, Idahoans continue to elect more and more conservation champions to represent them in office, highlighting that Idahoans value conservation and want to see elected officials work towards protecting Idaho’s public lands and clean air and water.

We’d like to congratulate all of our endorsed candidates, and the many more outside of our endorsement process, who ran on conservation and pro-public lands platforms this year and thank them for running such great campaigns. 

Of course, thank you to all of our conservation voters out there who supported these candidates and participated in this year’s primary election in record numbers, despite unprecedented changes. We made our collective voice heard that Idahoans everywhere value protecting Idaho’s air, water, open space, and democracy. 

We were proud to not only endorse these candidates but provide financial support and staff time to actively help their campaigns win.

CVI’s field program worked to increase voter participation across the state. Altogether, we contacted over 200,000 voters, making 7,815 phone calls, sending nearly 600 text messages, 12 mailers to 76,037 households, and reaching even more voters through digital, radio, and media.