2019 Idaho Election Results

Conservation wins!

Idaho voters came out strong yesterday in support of protecting Idaho’s clean air and water and public lands. Read the complete results below.

This year, Idaho voters turned out to the polls to elect 11 pro-conservation city council and mayoral candidates in local races across the state.

The high number of pro-conservation candidates elected to office in the 2019 local elections signify that Idahoans value conservation and want to see elected officials continue to work towards protecting Idaho’s public lands and clean air and water.

The following 11 endorsed candidates were elected to office. We’d like to congratulate all of our candidates who ran on conservation platforms this year and thank them for running such great campaigns. Of course, thank you to all of our conservation voters out there who supported these candidates and came out strong to the polls. We made our collective voice heard that Idahoans everywhere value protecting Idaho’s air, water, and open space.

We were proud to not only endorse these candidates but provide financial support and staff time to actively help their campaigns win.

Running for any office takes an enormous toll on a candidates’ personal and professional lives, and we’re enormously grateful for the time, effort, and commitment each of our candidates put forth this election cycle. We are looking forward to what our candidates accomplish on behalf of Idaho’s outdoor heritage while in office.

Boise Mayor

Lauren McLean

Boise City Council

Patrick Bageant – Seat 1
Elaine Clegg – Seat 5

Hailey City Council
Sam Linnet
Juan Martinez

Ketchum City Council
Michael David

Meridian City Council
Elizabeth Strader

Moscow City Council

Sandra Kelly
Maureen Laflin
Anne Zabala

Star City Council
Jennifer Salmonsen