What a Win Looks Like in the Idaho Legislature, 2016

It’s been a busy few months, as politicians continued to threaten our public lands, clean water and vital wildlife. Here’s our legislative recap on Idaho’s hot conservation issues..

We saw a renewed attack on our public lands in the last weeks of the Idaho legislature and called on you to help us fight back. In just a few days, we saw over 250 supporters send 450 emails to their elected representatives- standing up for public lands and for what they mean to future generations of Idahoans.

With your help, we were able to successfully kill HB 586 in committee with a 9-6 vote.


HB 586- Public lands, Sale, Cession

This bill brought by Rep. Judy Boyle (Midvale), who led the late session attacks, not only pushed extremist views of the US Constitution in an attempt to favor state seizure of public lands, it also blatantly violated the rights of private property owners. As mentioned, we were able to secure bi-partisan opposition to this bill and it was successfully held in committee last Thursday.

HB 582- Idaho Multiple Use, Sustained Yield

Even after US Senator Jim Risch and Governor Cecil Andrus stood on the House floor denouncing any attempt to take over our public lands, House members passed a bill along party lines that creates a land management strategy for a nonexistent future when US Congress lets the state seize lands. The Attorney General had a chance to weigh in on the legal theory put forth in the bill and said “this premise has no support in law”. As per tradition, our elected officials didn’t heed his advice.

HCR 53- Hunting/Trapping/Fishing Pro- Access Resolution

Rep. Mat Erpelding’s Pro-Access Resolution, proclaiming that state endowment lands should be kept open to hunters, anglers and fishermen and women, and not be sold for exclusive hunting leases to private outfitters. HCR 53 passed the House floor unanimously on Friday.