Courtney Washburn

Executive Director

As CVI’s Executive Director, Courtney is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organization and ensuring that CVI surpasses its objectives. She develops and implements CVI’s vision and leads and empowers our members, board and staff to bring about positive local and statewide conservation political change.

Kate Thorpe

Deputy Director

As CVI’s Deputy Director, Kate oversees CVI’s finances and operations, ensuring the organization is functioning effectively and efficiently so that we can spend more time working to protect Idaho’s environment. She develops and implements organization systems, communications and fundraising strategies.

Rialin Flores

Legislative Associate

As CVI’s Legislative Associate, Rialin works to pass and defend critical environmental laws and budget priorities. She develops and implements legislative strategies that protect and advance policy agenda as well as political accountability objectives.

Avery Roberts

Community Engagement Associate


As CVI’s Community Engagement Associate, Avery empowers our members, volunteers and the public to become more involved in conservation issues and to bring about positive local and statewide conservation political change.

Paige McMahon

Administrative Assistant


As CVI’s Administrative Assistant, Paige ensures that CVI’s day-to-day operations are smooth and efficient. She coordinates office operations, helps visitors navigate our office, and works closely with each member of our team.